About Our Outpatient Surgery Center

The surgeons at Cahill Orthopedics utilize an ambulatory surgical center (ASC), also known as an outpatient surgery center, whenever possible. When appropriate, performing surgery at an outpatient facility allows our patients to recover in the comfort of their own homes, and also provides many other benefits.

Though not all patients and procedures are eligible for outpatient surgery, there are several potential advantages to using an outpatient facility for your surgical procedure. Learn more below about the ASC used by the surgeons at Cahill Orthopedics, the benefits of outpatient surgery, and what we are doing to provide exceptional patient care and safety at our facilities.

About the Facility: Patient Care Associates

Dr. Cahill and Dr. Kovatis perform outpatient procedures at the award-winning Patient Care Associates (PCA) in Englewood, NJ. Patient Care Associates is a state-of-the-art facility specializing in orthopedics and sports medicine.

PCA is equipped for a wide range of procedures, from sports medicine and minimally invasive procedures to joint replacement. They also have a specialized anesthesia staff using multimodal pain management techniques to help patients come out of anesthesia smoothly and effectively manage pain in recovery. PCA has the latest technology available, including Mako robotic technology for total knee replacement, partial knee replacement, and hip replacement. As one of the leaders of the team at PCA, Dr. Cahill was instrumental in getting a Mako robot for the facility.

All of the staff at PCA are highly experienced at working in an ambulatory surgical environment and have specialized training in orthopedics. PCA is an accredited facility that exceeds all requirements for health and safety, boasting an almost-nonexistent infection rate. Though the facility is well-equipped to handle emergency situations with regard to both staff training and the appropriate tools, complications are extremely rare.

Patient satisfaction is also a top priority at this facility; the staff works diligently to provide a streamlined and personalized experience for every single patient. PCA frequently receives high patient satisfaction ratings.

Benefits of Outpatient Orthopedic Surgery

There are several benefits to having your orthopedic procedure done at PCA, including:

  • Being able to return home the day of surgery and recover in the comfort of your own home
  • A highly streamlined, specialized experience provided by a highly skilled and competent staff
  • Enhanced patient safety due to attention to detail in following all health and safety requirements
  • Lower risk of infection compared to a hospital because patients do not have to worry about being exposed to sick people
  • Potential cost savings, both in avoiding a costly overnight hospital stay and in associated surgical costs. Fewer staff members are needed at an ASC for each procedure, which helps to keep costs down. Insurance companies also tend to favor outpatient facilities for this reason.

Who Is Eligible for Outpatient Surgery?

Dr. Cahill and Dr. Kovatis offer the following procedures in an outpatient setting:

Joint Replacement Surgery (Learn more about Outpatient Joint Replacement.)

Sports Medicine

Regenerative Medicine

Not all patients are eligible for outpatient orthopedic surgery. Patients who have heart conditions, multiple medical problems, difficulty getting around, and/or no family or support to help with recovery at home would be best managed in a hospital setting.

What Safety Measures Are in Place?

Cahill Orthopedics and Patient Care Associates hold patient safety as a top priority. In addition to our normal thorough measures, we have even more enhanced protocols in place.

  • We are complying with all state and CDC guidelines.
  • Our entire staff is vaccinated for COVID-19.
  • We have made several modifications to our center to comply with social distancing and keep patients safe.
  • We screen all patients, caregivers, and staff prior to entering our facilities.

These additional safety measures will be kept in place as long as necessary. Even when COVID-related safety precautions like social distancing are relaxed, the staff will continue to employ health and safety measures beyond what is required of the facility to keep infection risks as low as possible.

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